Help Get Soft Drinks Out of Schools

The Global Dump Soda Campaign aims to reduce consumption of high-calorie carbonated colas and other unhealthy beverages in primary and secondary schools as part of an international effort to improve children’s health and diet.

Our goal is to persuade soft-drink industry giants, to provide more healthy alternatives such as 100% fruit juice, low-fat milk and water. The industry has adopted such policies for primary schools in the United States and Europe. Now is the time to make these changes around the world. Beverages in secondary schools need to be improved as well.

Obesity and diet-related disease, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer, are rising around the world. Soft drinks are the only food proven to contribute to this negative trend. Carbonated colas (even diet colas) are associated with tooth erosion. Schools should set examples for healthy eating rather than providing beverages associated with poor health. Find out more.

Tell Us Your Experience!

We want to know if soft-drink industry giants are pushing soft drinks in your country’s schools. Tell us what’s happening, share concerns and connect with parents, teachers and health professionals who want to make a difference. Let’s team up to bring healthier drinks to schools!