100k Factory Revolution by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

100k Factory Revolution was created by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton . This is a program that was created for users to be able to generate $100,000 in revenue annually. The program teaches people on the internet marketing disciplines which they use in their journey in generating money. When it was first launched the program was able to help students generate incomes of up to 4, 5 or 6 figures. It is helpful as much as it is popular. The creators are able to help students generate $100,000 from $0 in business.

The first program was launched in June 2015. The second launched in April 2016. The founders are launching the third edition called 100K Factory Revolution. The new edition utilizes the same principle as the first two; scalable, fast and profitable. However, in this new edition, there is a twist in which it is built to sell physical products via e-commerce stores.

What are the most fundamentals of 100K Factory Revolution that make it so good?

• 100k Factory Revolution program combines is a hybrid of both e-commerce and drop shipping into one. It does so by using a unique but systematic way in which it leverages high target traffic which is cheap in nature and sourcing it from different sources. The program helps you in scaling effectively with a measure of safety by starting with reasonable resources and finding winning-campaigns. It helps you achieve high returns in investments while scaling down on advertisement costs.

• Using this program, you can be able to test any product if there is demand for it. The best part you don’t need to buy upfront inventory. In this way, you’re able to know if a product is worth pursuing. The program has a way of dealing with shipping delays from abroad (Especially China) in an ingenious way.

• The owners are so confident in you getting a $100,000 return in less than 60 days with their program. They try to keep things simple for anyone willing to take that leap of faith.

Basically, the program runs like this. You need to set up one or more e-commerce sites that are able to generate $247 per day which adds up to $100k annually. They will guide on a proposal which is a done stage by stage and their in-house-software to make sure you get professional e-commerce websites.

With the new program, they have developed new software that is able to upload products and categorize them. It makes sure that you get an economical but extremely directed flow to your products sites. The program utilizes traffic flow from areas such as; paid Facebook ads, content sharing that is viral, Google’s search engines, and custom in-house traffic generating software.

The training is vigorous. The training includes; manual PDF, live workshops of up to 8-weeks, recorded training videos, and invaluable business planning kit. These training tools utilize the following methods; use of AdSense, selling email leads, selling your own physical products and affiliate marketing.

Upon completion of the program, the potential for the users is endless. One only need to build on four websites to achieve the $100,000 annual returns. People have endless opportunities with the training that comes with 100K Factory Revolution program since you can build on more than four websites. This is your turn to make the decision either to stagnate or be part of a niche of people generating revenue in e-commerce.