There are unlimited number of reviews that exist on the internet for the Lost ways Claude Devis’ Noval. Many have given very efficient and deep review and some have managed to give short analysis, but too very much incredible.But we will give you the detailed the Lost ways book reviews about this wonderful survival guide which would clear each and every doubt of yours existing in your mind if you are thinking about reading it.

The main ideology behind this book is offering a basic understanding on the concept that shows about human beings can survive in the severe-case of a catastrophe,which includes economic decline,war and natural disasters.Survivalist expert Diane Hackett has also contributed a considerable amount in this program.


The book provides its readers suitable measures for catastrophes by providing them a variety of strategies and information that was passed down from the ancient men. As per the Author, Americans are right now changing for the worst; the different benefits exhibited by modern technology have rendered humankind too complacent. In this book, Davis clarifies that such accommodations have made life excessively basic and comfortable with the end goal that individuals no longer prepare themselves for the worst that could ever happened to them.


The lost ways book will make you totally independent in case anything every happens. You will discover how to make a safe underground roundhouse invented by Native Americans. This dugout will provide a sanctuary for you and your family.Hunting tricks mentioned in the course will save you from starvation and hunger. Water protection methods and guides as common solution are also included in the program.


  • Food – book describe, Davis has given few incredible recipes of healthy food that were initially utilised through the Native American scouts. These recipes show individuals to make nutritious food using normal ingredients.
  • Traps – Traps can give a secure availability of food in terms of food crisis.This masterpiece shows, how to set up different traps and to catch animals

—particularly in winter. 

  • Housing– the other concerned matter that the writer tended to is housing. In such manner, he offers a complete guide on the most proficient method to build underground houses. The houses mentioned here are sufficiently huge and big to taking care of upto 4 families—an idea similar to the this utilized through the Native Americans.
  • Water – Davis has additionally offered understanding into how individuals can gather and save water efficiently. Water can be rare amidst a situation like war. Davis has incorporated a guide on the best way to gather and save water dffectively without spending much.
  • Poultices – The lost ways guide also highlights features on the most proficient method to make poultices. Davis is showing ways to his readers to make poultices using ingredients that were being utilized years before for a similar reason.
  • Bullets– in this segment, the writer is involving an example of a group of people–who once deliberate about west and never came up short on bullets—to represent how individual s can protect bullets amidst an emergency. Furthermore, he also offers data that one can do in the ocassion if no longer have bullets.

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